The Story

East Pokot, the home of the nomadic Pokot tribe is waiting for your heart to hear the cry of theirs…sometimes, these beautiful mamas have to watch their children die at a very young age because they are unable to provide them with the nourishment their babies need….there is no rain…how can we grow food? Patience, the young mother of 2 year old Emmanuel watched her precious child fall face forward into the fire she had to use to cook their food for the day…there is no hospital for her to which she could take her son….when 15 year old Celeste was bitten by a spitting cobra…the local daktari had no anti-venom to administer to her….Life marches on at its own drumbeat…sometimes the suffering beats go slow and take long for the verse to end so that the drum can beat a new joyous chorus of hope and joy. What if there was a well from which these mamas could offer clean water to their precious children so they would not fall ill? What if there was a hospital nearby that handled burn trauma and had enough basic medications to treat snake bites…what if the Pokot tribe could grow enough food to provide for their children and the 56% of them that go hungry everyday, would no longer have to starve? What will you do when you think about this?…Come take a journey of truth with me to East Pokot.

About Us

Ten years ago I went to Kenya, not knowing what to expect, listening to a sorrowful cry that I heard one night in my times of solitude… a cry and a travail that I could not ignore.

It broke my linear flight through life and I sought out friends in Africa… anywhere so i could bring some comfort to these children. I set foot in Kenya in December of 2004 and when my eyes beheld the desolation and shield of defiance in the eyes of children who were abandoned or told that there was no way their single parent could take care of them, my journey of redemption began… Redemption for those lost souls who truly believed that there was no glimmer of hope in the darkness around them.

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Current Projects

All for Kenya 5 K Color Run 2016

We had a blast at our second annual All for Kenya 5 K Color Run at the Pottstown Riverfront Park on May 21, 2016! Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors, and runners.

2016 Trip to East Pokot, Kenya

What a wonderful trip we had to East Pokot, Kenya in February 2016! Accompanied by Wilson, Peter, Michael (my son from Honduras), Dr Rono Kipkemboi…

Partnership with Transforming Honduras

World Hope partnered with Transforming Honduras to offer eye care and love to the children of several impoverished communities in Honduras in August 2015.

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