The work in Kenya is coming along. I was in East Pokot in March of this year to check on the progress of the construction of the Kokwo Toto Eye Clinic. The trip was fantastic and we had a few adventures. I was able to distribute some eye medications such as Patanol, Vigamox and Systane.

While we were there, the local pastor in the community was the victim of cobra venom in his eyes. This happened minutes before we arrived on the scene. The local Pokot tribe have much experience in this as snakes are more common there than anyone would want them to be. The locals had already nicked the pastor’s ear to draw some blood with which to flush his eye. Since water is scarce and not reliably sterile, the Pokot knew that blood is a bland liquid with which they can flush the eye. The pastor’s eyes had already been flushed with this crimson liquid before we saw him. Upon examination, luckily there was no major damage to his cornea at all. Flushing with some saline and directions on the use of Vigamox were sufficient. We had already treated our first patient right outside the clinic!

Thanks to your support, the building is almost completed. Because the rains have been late in coming, the construction has been halted for now. Water is readily available because the wind pump that serves this community’s water needs is not always reliable. The limited amount of water the pump yields must go to serve the needs of the people first. When we began the construction in late 2008, the water was plentiful because the rainy season had just ended. Now, we face the exhaustion of this precious resource.

It is extremely hot in the bush these days. My friends in the Pokot tribe have told me that since I left in April, the rains have started but are not as copious as before. Because of this, we are presented with a need to put in a borehole for a well in order to ensure the completion of this project.

Mother Nature cannot be controlled and sometimes we have to take matters in our own hands. The well is costing much more than we anticipated – $30,000. In addition to completing the well, a dorm for visitors needs to be built also. The cost of that construction is $80,000. Wow! Just when we think we are almost done, a challenge rises to test our perseverance.

Friends, please consider how you can further partner with us. You have already done so much and we are extremely grateful – especially the Pokot. They are so amazed and excited at what you have doen for them. A glimmer of hope has sparked joy in these forgotten people. Please, keep them in your prayers.

We wish all of you a great summer and pray that you will continue to prosper in every way. If any of you has any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please remember that World Hope Inc. is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization. All of your donations are tax-deductible.