What a year it has been for the Pokot tribe in Kokwo Toto! The first sight that awaited me was the snake bitten leg of my caretaker. He had been bitten by a spitting cobra 10 days before I arrived at the eyeclinic! I sent him immediately to the closest dispensary to get treatment. He was better a few weeks later, but even in Nov of 2017, he was still on the mend. Needless to say, I carry anti-venom with me when I go with our teams!

Everyday we would rub antibiotic ointment on this leg. Eventually all the dead skin had to be removed to allow new healthy tissue to grow. Guess what the local nurses, Aaron and Zakayo, used to debride his skin…they but his leg into a bath of salt water! The caretaker screamed and grabbed his heart, and said, Dzmy poor heart!

We were once again able to examine 500 school children and 200 adults, offering them sight through providing them with glasses and sunglasses. The children were really happy to get the T-shirts.

These are our precious children

In this picture, you can see a portable phoropter that we took
From school to school

The main goal of this trip in Feb was not only to provide sight but to provide the community with a new well in Siria, which is about 9 miles from our clinic in Kokwo Toto. The little girl on the right is the reason that I felt so inspired to drill a well in Siria. Her name is Town. She was lifeless