World Hope, inc, has experienced some challenges over the past two years. We were grieved to lose our dear project manager, Jane Njeri, in March 2013. She was instrumental in our work in East Pokot. She leaves behind two young daughters and a son. We have taken it upon ourselves to see to the education of Jane’s children in honor of the legacy their mother has left in East Pokot. Jane had been travelling to Kokwo Toto for the past 2 years to keep us abreast of status of the eye clinic. She had been in the process of hiring a contractor to rehabilitate our solar well, whose pump had malfunctioned in late November of 2012. With her sudden passing, who would oversee the work in East Pokot? We were at a standstill after losing our dear friend. Through the desperate prayers of our supporters, especially Cindee, Katelyn, and Elizabeth Hunsicker, a miracle took place. A missionary living in Kokwo Toto decided to help us rehabilitate the solar well. He also agreed to maintain the eye clinic for us. Who was it that said that the eleventh hour is the hour for incredible miracles? If noone has ever coined that term, it is coined now. Since the return of our missionary, John Brynan, in December 2013, World Hope is partnering with him in nurturing our unique vision for East Pokot and exploring how we can be more effective together. John has been instrumental in reviving the vision World Hope has of bringing water and healthcare to the children of East Pokot.

In November, World Hope will be taking a team of servants (doctors and all those who want to serve) to Kokwo Toto to serve at the eye clinic as well as to support John in his continuing effort to aid the local primary schools.

Please, take a look under our “Current Projects” as well as “I heart Kenya“. “I heart Kenya” represents the projects that Light of Life Mission and World Hope, inc. are taking on together. The greater the need, the more unity is needed to get the job done. Please, consider supporting our work in Kenya. Our yearly budget is running $100K to cover the cost of the I heart effort.